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Erin Nguyen – Designer
Kira Lorraine – Designer

Student Farm at Penn State – Collaborator

Overview EAT365 is a wellness brand that educates college age students about seasonal produce and provides healthy and easy recipes to those with little cooking experience. The cookbook was created in collaboration with the Student Farm at Penn State; an organization that works to educate students about healthy eating and the importance of supporting local agriculture.



The brand name implies eating healthy and by eating produce that is in season, people can stay healthy 365 days of the year. More recipes would be added each season so that people can collect more and eventually have a cookbook that has 365 recipes.

Season Icons

Season icons are placed on the edge of each recipe so users can see what recipes are in season without needing to read and research the produce.

Produce Icons

Produce icons are featured on the front of each recipe to show the user what the feature fruit or veggie is in the recipe they select. This page features more information about the months the vegetable is in season and a brief sentence about what to look for when buying a ripe option.

Recipe Spreads


Produce Photographs