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Advertising and Marketing
Motion Graphics and Animation

William Ren

Students from Penn State Graphic Design GD304: Practical Communications, in collaboration with PepsiCo Design and Innovation, LIFEWTR Brand and Design team and North Division Marketing, created created a series of key visuals and event planning to accompany a brand campaign promoting a selected series 11 bottle made specifically for the Penn State University Park campus.

Taking place over a 15-week semester, this student project allowed my partner, William Ren and me to create visuals and deliverables that highlight the artwork on the Series 11 Move Around bottle by musician, Arnetta Johnson.

Out of Home Advertising

Posters and signage were created to be displayed around campus and within the dining hall stores where LIFEWTR is sold. The sizzle reel would be shown in campus stores where LIFEWTR is sold.

Billboards advertisements and CATABus wraps were conceptualized to create more brand awareness across the town, as many students and staff live off campus and commute every day.

Digital Advertisements

Location based Instagram advertisements and posts would appear on the feeds of students at University Park campus. A social media campaign was designed to announce an immersive experience event highlighting the artists work and LIFETWTR brand on campus. 

Immersive Experience

This is a conceptual immersive experience within the Zoller Gallery at Penn State. The bottles hanging from the ceiling illuminate when motion is detected around them, showing people that they are the “spark” that ignites the light. This event would occur over the first Saturday in February to highlight the work of black artists and musicians during Black History Month. Several concerts occur during the month of February in the music building adjacent to the gallery, and we wanted to create an expansion of those concerts to showcase the work of our artist, Arnetta Johnson, and the Life Unseen project with LIFEWTR.